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SSP-04 Pro-biotics For Aquatic Feed (concentration)


Efficiency Component:

high-activity bacillus,plant lactobacillus,enterococcus,

photosynthetic bacteria,nitrobacteria,functional peptide etc.

Total number of living bacterium effectively:≥2×10(10 times)cfu/g.



1.Upgrowth effective microbial community according to inhibition Harmful bacteria breeding.Perfect balance of micro-ecology in Aquatic animals,prevent disease of digestive tract.

 2.Improve feed intake of aquatic,promote digestive absorption of feed,rising absorb rate of feed over 10%.upgrowth very fast and prevent drag it.

3.Promote Metabolism ability of fish cell,perfect the tender fish and higher nutrition.

4.Supplement the short of digestive enzyme,Make the nutrition item fully absorbed,reduce excrement,efficiency prevent enteritis, empty stomach and jejunum.

5.Clear the water,degrade hazardous substance of water like ammonia nitrogen,nitrite and hydrogen sulfide,prevent water eutrophication,fastly increasing transparency of water,avoid Pan pond accidents.

6.Prohibit Pathogen mycelium growth,reduce aquatic disease of edema,rot skin,etc.

7.Promote intestine rising partly immune response base on long term using,improve body antibody levels or active of macrophage,enhance body immunologic function,improve premunition,efficiency prevent function for epidemic disease.

8.With antibiotics could reduce the side effect of antibiotics.

9.None incompatibility,Safety and efficiency,no drug residues.


Test Example:

 The empirical results(use in aquatic livestock.)

Test animal are carassius auratus gibelio with almost same healthy situation,specifications and weight,food coefficient obviously reducing sharply,food coefficient of 200g/t test group is lower 9% than the matched group(0.3 point.)

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