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SSP-02 Pro-biotics For Poultry Feed (concentration)


Efficiency Component:

Multiple package is plant lactobacillus,enterococcus, bacillus subtil-lis,bacillus licheninformi, zymic,functional peptide and UGF.

Total number of living bacterium effectively:≥2×10(10 times)cfu/g,(Bacteriocin-like inhibitory substance≥1.2×10(10 times)cfu/g,Spore fungus≥0.8×10(10 times)cfu/g)


 1.Gold component of Microbial strains,rich of pro-biotic and peptides to adjust balance of intestinal,inhibition the Pathogenic bacteria in the intestinal,Promote pro-biotic breeding like bifidobacterium,lactobacillus etc according to supplement of pro-biotic kinds and amount.

2.Due to short digestive tract of poultry,Nutrition items could not be absorbed fully,causing feed waste.SSP-02 could efficiency improve feed biological availability,improve feed intake and daily weight increasing,lower feed conversion ratio,perfect meat quality and rising benefit.

 3.Strength immunity,remit laying rate lower causing by high temperature and turn group.improve the survival rate and average rate,lower the death and culling rate.

4.Enhance rate of fertilization and hatching rate of hatching egg,extend egg-laying period,increase egg weight,perfect color of egg yolk and quality of eggshell,reduce rate of damaged eggs,lopsided egg,Soft preserved eggs.

5.Reduce concentration of NH and other noxious gas in the animal house,lower morbidity of respiratory tract.

6.More prevent function for Pig epidemic base on long term using.

7.With antibiotics could reduce the side effect of antibiotics.

8. None incompatibility,Safety and efficiency,no drug residues.

Test Example:

The empirical results(use in broiler chicken)

1.Add SSP-02 in the feed will obviously improve daily weight rising and lower feed conversion ratio,and adjust villus situation of broiler chicken, all the villus of small intestine are growing strongly and quickly,and well uniformity.

  2.Test result showing that SSP-02 could obviously improve survival rate of 20-week laying hen and Whole period of egg production,rising the laying rate and egg weight,efficiency adjust quality of eggs.lower the  feed-gain ratio around 2%.

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