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SSP-03 Pro-biotics For Ruminant Feed (concentration)


Efficiency Component:

saccharomycetes,lactobacillus,bacillus,plant extract etc.Total number of living bacterium effectively:≥2×10(10 times)cfu/g,(Bacteriocin-like inhibitory substance and saccharomycetes≥1.5×10(10 times)cfu/g, Spore fungus≥0.5×10(10 times)cfu/g)


1.Supplement exogenous prootics,perfect micro-ecology population structure of rumen,promote rumen upgrowth and digestive support,give play to double adjustment of nutrition metabolism and immune.

2.Adjust balance of flora in intestine,promote divided of crude fiber,improve collection of feed and feed exchange rate.

3.Enhance cow lactation yield,extend the milk period,perfect butter-fat content and lactoprotein,improve estrus rate and breeding rate of cow.

4.Increase daily weight rising of cow,lower feed conversion ratio,perfect quality of meat.

5.Improve milk grade,lower somatic number.

 6.Smooth and molding excrement,reduce concentration of noxious gas in animal house,perfect feeding situation.

7.More prevent function for Pig epidemic base on long term using.

8.With antibiotics could reduce the side effect of antibiotics.

9.None incompatibility,Safety and efficiency,no drug residues.


Test Example:

The empirical results(use in feed of ruminant)

1.General appearance after feed SSP-03: Stool soft, stink disappear,little fly.

2.Beef daily increase 308g(one dairy farm in Inner Mongolia)

3.Cow increase net income CNY3.25/head/day(one dairy farm in Hebei province)

4.Milk output daily rising 10%-15%,butter-fat content improved approximately 10%(One dairy farm in Haerbin)

5.Improve milk grade,lower somatic number.(one dairy farm in Japan )

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